Local news for the Bryan Place neighborhood, just north of downtown Dallas. BPNA focuses on activities and events at the neighborhood level, and on larger events with direct impact on the community.

Message from the President

February 5, 2015

By Linda Collins, President

Year 2015 is underway, and it is time again to renew your Bryan Place Neighborhood Association (BPNA) membership. Many of you are faithful supporters of the neighborhood, and for that we are all grateful. But we need all of you who live in Bryan Place to help us make this the best neighborhood possible. Many of you see caring for the environment as a part of your stewardship responsibilities. But sometimes caring for the earth seems too big to tackle.Read more


Digital Imaging Project

February 5, 2015

Dallas Central Appraisal District
Central Appraisal District

The Dallas Central Appraisal District is conducting a comprehensive property‐imaging project. They have hired Tyler Technologies, Inc. who will be photographing the frontal exterior view of every structure in the Appraisal District including both residential and commercial properties. The project will begin using four vans starting in January and will add approximately six more vans in March. The vans will have digital photographic equipment located inside each vehicle. Each van will have a driver and a photographer inside and aRead more


February 2015 Yard of the Month

February 5, 2015

By Carol Guthrie

Yard of the Month

3220 Basil Court Husband and wife, Alex Puorro and Elena Borovkov, moved to Bryan Place in August last year. They have wasted no time in bringing their home at 3220 Basil Court to life by making their front porch a relaxing and welcoming entrance to the house. They have two white rocking chairs, with colorful throw pillows. The pillows seem to change seasonally, with Christmas pillows in December. Alex and Elena started working on the yard when they moved in,Read more

Grocery cart

Minyards to replace Albertsons

February 5, 2015

By Keri Mitchell

Why we should root for the new Minyard Sun Fresh Market replacing Albertsons

Our local Albertson’s located at 3524 McKinney Ave. has been acquired by Minyard’s and will be converted to a Minyard Sun Fresh Market by the end of February.


President’s Message about BPNA Board Updates

February 5, 2015

B and Board Meetings

Great news! We have filled the positions of Secretary and Zoning Chairman. Dr. Gabby Reed is a psychologist at St. Marks School and will be serving as Secretary of BPNA. Jarrett Reed is a real estate lawyer for Norton, Rose, Fulbright and will assume the work as Zoning Chair. Please welcome Gabby and Jarrett. New members of the Board met casually in mid‐January. Everyone is very enthusiastic and we discussed many fresh ideas about how to serve you better. IRead more